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SARS-CoV2 NSP1 SARS-CoV2 NSP2 SARS-CoV2 NSP3 SARS-CoV2 NSP4 SARS-CoV2 NSP5 SARS-CoV2 NSP6 SARS-CoV2 NSP7 SARS-CoV2 NSP8 SARS-CoV2 NSP9 SARS-CoV2 NSP10 SARS-CoV2 NSP11/12 SARS-CoV2 NSP13 SARS-CoV2 NSP14 SARS-CoV2 NSP15 SARS-CoV2 NSP16 SARS-CoV2 Orf3a SARS-CoV2 Orf3b SARS-CoV2 Orf6 SARS-CoV2 Orf7a SARS-CoV2 Orf7b SARS-CoV2 Orf8 SARS-CoV2 Orf9a SARS-CoV2 Orf9b SARS-CoV2 Orf10 SARS-CoV2 S Protein SARS-CoV2 E Protein SARS-CoV2 M Protein SSARS-CoV2 N Protein SARS-CoV S Protein SARS-CoV E Protein SARS-CoV M Protein SARS-CoV N Protein MERS-CoV S Protein MERS-CoV E Protein MERS-CoV M Protein MERS-CoV N Protein HCoV 229e N Protein HCov OC43 N Protein Membrane Protein Envelope Protein Nucleocapsid protein and viral RNA Spike Protein
Image courtesy of Taran Khanam, Annabel Slater and Ed Hutchinson